The Brief: A Twitter meme humorously depicts Ellen DeGeneres going all-out in attempts to surprise her guests.


The premise of the “me on Ellen” meme is that someone is a guest on The Ellen Show and Ellen does something dramatic, even dangerous to impress them, to which they respond “OMG Ellen you didn’t.” Tweets illustrate scenarios in which Ellen goes over-the-top to give them a surprise gift. In these bizarre fictional episodes of The Ellen Show, Ellen’s showmanship is pushed to the point of absurdity. Other variations of the meme depict something else funny and unexpected happening on Ellen.

These tweets follow a script-like format, telling the series of events play-by-play. There’s a “me on Ellen” meme for everyone. This meme has room for versatility including inside jokes for every fandom, meta-memes, wholesome memes, and more.

The format typically is laid out like this – usually with a lack of capitalization that is typical on social media:

me on ellen

ellen: so I heard you love _____

me: yeah

*ellen brings in the thing that you love, even if it seemed impossible to do so*

me: omg ellen you didn’t

A subtle anti-vax meme:

Ellen knows every celebrity, even the animated ones…

Some memes have a darker spin to them:

For Overwatch fans: