The Brief: This meme combines two iconic reaction images to make one meme.


This meme format popularized on Twitter is meant to convey the difficulty of explaining something to someone.

Most versions of the meme feature side by side reaction pics. The first photo (left) is a still image from Twitter user @quenblackwell’s viral “screaming video”. The second photo (right) shows popular “meme queen” Ms. Juicy from Little Women: Atlanta looking straight up confused.

People have paired these two images together to communicate their existential crises, meltdowns, and fandom woes on Twitter.

This format is similar to the image macro Monsters, Inc. Explaining memes from Reddit in which character, Mike Wazowski emphatically explains something to an otherwise passive or uninterested audience.

Many versions of the meme show someone trying to explain something to their Mom, with little to no results:

For stans (and their friends that don’t understand):

This one’s specifically for the Game of Thrones fans that can’t get over the GOT finale… Please sit.

For the LGBTQ community as we race into Pride month:

And finally, some simplified versions of the meme: