The Brief: The latest iteration of this meme about camaraderie features a still image from a vintage Spiderman cartoon series.


While the exact origin of the phrase is unknown, “Me and the boys” has often been used to caption photo posts on various social media platforms.

The photos usually feature a group of people engaged in some sort of activity.

Vintage Villain Variations

In May 2019, the meme resurfaced on Reddit, this time featuring a still image from Stan Lee’s 1967 animated TV series Spider-Man. The image features Spiderman villains (left to right) Rhino, Vulture, Electro and Green Goblin.

Aye boys, check this from memes

The meme took off from there, spreading across Reddit and Twitter.

Other variatons of the meme:

NUMBER ONES WOOOOO from dankmemes

Just smile and wave boys from dankmemes

When Fandoms Collide

Many meme-makers have added additional characters to the meme format including ones from vintage comics and other fandoms.

Happens every time from dankmemes

How the turns have tabled from dankmemes

With Tom and Jerry.

They are in from dankmemes

We collecting every stud from dankmemes

This one’s for all of the Pokemon stans:

Other versions feature real-life public figures.

Bless their souls from dankmemes

Ur mom from dankmemes