The Brief: Twitter users began sharing "Me After Investing" memes in reaction to stocks of AMC, GameStop, and other companies surging overnight.


GameStop, AMC Entertainment, Nokia, and Blackberry stocks surged over the past few days after smaller investors banded together to drive these companies’ stock prices back up, according to USA Today.

The coordinated effort took place on on forums like Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets which is described as “Like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal illness.” This subreddit consists of over 3 million members talking stocks, investments, and more.

After the news broke, many new investors shared how they felt after investing a few dollars in some of these stocks on Twitter.

Numerous memes used photos and videos from Martin Scorcese’s stock broker-based film Wolf Of Wall Street.

Even this TV show’s Twitter account couldn’t help but share their own WOWS meme.

A Bugs Bunny tuxedo meme:

A Stonks meme:

A Simpsons meme:

Some internet users never thought they’d see the day they worked alongside Reddit users considering the platform has a history of hosting racist, NSFW, and other controversial content.

Another internet user advised how this coordinated effort to surge the market could be disastrous for many.

Others did not care and even went as far as to pose a stimmy-based threat.

For anyone who needs a little guidance on how stocks work and what’s going on in the market, this Ulta and Sephora example is perfect.