The Brief: A new Twitter trend has people posting selfies next to a random note from their phone.


In early December 2020, Twitter users started posting renditions of the “me + a random note on my phone” trend, pairing a selfie with a screenshot from the Notes app on their phones. In this trend, people are sharing random and/or silly selfies along with thoughts and ideas that they’ve recorded in their Notes app.

As people typically use their Notes apps for everything from grocery lists to drunk rants to asking life’s big questions, this trend highlights some interesting thoughts that people have had. The trend is reminiscent of the poet/the poem Twitter memes which put pictures of people next to their creations.

Celebrities have gotten in on the trend, with actors referencing the roles they’re best known for.

Some jokesters have used the “me + a random note on my phone” trend to make pop culture and meme references, creating fictional “notes” from celebrities and fictional characters.