The Brief: "Maybe I Am" Vision memes feature a photo of the superhero Vision looking down at his palms and questioning his reality.


“Maybe I Am…” Vision memes are growing in popularity on Reddit. These memes see the superhero Vision looking down at his palms with a concerned look. Typically, these memes are paired with text to create funny and ridiculous reasons as to why Vision looks so puzzled. Part of the joke is that the creator of each meme is implying they are Vision in moments in which they’ve questioned their reality.

The original graphic is from a scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where Vision says, “Maybe I am a monster.”

In this one, the creator contemplates whether they’re a good person for others to spend their time with.

*Social influencer* [OC]
byu/TheWandererDownUnder inmemes

In this one, the creator discovers they are quite immature.

by inteenagers

These individuals’ eating habits have them questioning their entire existence.

byu/new2this12345678 indankmemes

*Insert Clickbait title here*
byu/humanperson2004 inteenagers

More memes:

This is a joke, please don’t cancel me on Twitter.
byu/Bobo3076 inmemes

What if it doesn’t change
byu/Patster1234 inmemes

Every time I see a relatable infp meme (as an enfp):