The Brief: This reaction meme uses a clip from Marsai Martin's recent BET Award win to convey a sense of surprise.


At Sunday night’s BET Awards, actress Marsai Martin took home the Young Stars Award for her performance in Little.

She also won over the internet with her very memeable reaction.

Viewers wasted no time in meme-ifying Martin’s shocked reaction following her win.

The now-viral meme uses a clip of Martin’s reaction to convey the surprise one might experience in certain situations. Unlike the Me Explaining meme reaction, this surprise is usually one of a positive nature.

Martin’s win makes her the third youngest entertainer to accept a BET Award.

The 14-year-old starred in, executive produced, and conceived the original idea for the 2019 fantasy-comedy, Little

From FWB to Bae status:

Many Twitter stans quickly pointed out the similarities between Martin’s reaction and a popular GIF of her performance on ABC’s Blackish.

Surely, this won’t be the last we see of Marsai Martin memes. Long live the meme queen!