The Brief: A deepfake mashup of the YouTuber Markiplier and the Megamind character Metro Man has become a meme format.


The YouTuber Markiplier’s resemblance to the Megamind character Metro Man inspired memes featuring a mashup of the two. A deepfake combination of the characters yielded an image of Markiplier/Metro Man holding a microphone and looking like he’s waiting to speak. Memes with this format are particularly popular on Reddit where iterations depict scenarios where someone is surprised, hesitant, confused, or waiting for someone else to finish talking.

Why are we here? from dankmemes

Speedrunning annoying teacher %any from dankmemes

Every goddamn time from dankmemes

An Among Us impostor meme:

What a way to start the day. from memes

Visible confusion intensifies from memes


Markipliar x metro man from MemeTemplatesOfficial