The Brief: People are marking the start of March 2021 with memes, many of which reference how we've been living in a pandemic for approximately one year.


While the beginning of a new month is often seen as a fresh start and a cause for celebration, memes about March 2021 express people’s exhaustion with life in a pandemic. For many, time feels warped, making the last 12 months seem endless, extremely brief, or like combination of the two.

For much of the world, the Coronavirus pandemic really started hitting hard by March 2020 and another March means that people have been affected by COVID for an entire year. Thus, memes showcase people’s fatigue from enduring the hardships associated with “the new normal.”

Seriously, whereโ€™s it gone?
byu/BigBlueMountainStar inmemes

A popular sentiment in memes is that people are “still processing March 2020,” even as March 2021 begins.


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Whenever someone says “march” I go “aarghh”
byu/Gliscor_dude inmemes

Another popular meme format compares how people felt on March 1st 2020 vs. March 1st 2021.