The Brief: Makeup worn by the characters on the TV show Euphoria has inspired people to try their own versions at home.


Euphoria, a new HBO show starring Zendaya about the struggles of adolescence, teen drug use, and more features numerous stunning, bold, and colorful makeup. Many viewers have been recreating Euphoria makeup looks at home. Beauty gurus and MUA’s have been developing tutorials for their versions of the show’s most iconic makeup combos.

Euphoria‘s makeup director Doniella Davy drew inspiration for these styles from Gen Z-ers and social media. In an interview with Refinery 29, she said “I believe these Gen Z kids and artists are coming up with a new language of self-expression through makeup. It’s so brave and bold to me that I really fell in love with what I was seeing on Instagram.”

These looks feature glitter, rhinestones, designs drawn on with eyeliner, brightly colored lipstick, and more.

The makeup on the show is distinctly glittery and much bolder than what is usually seen on TV, inspiring a number of memes about it as well.

Glitter Everywhere: TikTok #Euphoric

TikTokers are showing off their Euphoria-inspired makeup lewks with the hashtags #Euphoric and #GlitterEverywhere.

Euphoria Makeup YouTube Tutorials

For those looking to replicate the makeup from the show themselves, there are dozens of YouTube tutorials on how to recreate these looks at home.