The Brief: College "majors be like" memes on Twitter roast certain college majors for stereotypical and unexpected traits associated with their choice of study.


Anyone who’s attended college, or even just watched Animal House, Monsters University, or Old School, is familiar with some rigid stereotypes that show up again and again. Some of these stereotypes are based on extracurriculars such as sports, Greek life, or various clubs, but many are based on what someone chooses to major in. College “majors be like” memes dunk on different majors for what they chose to study, classic traits of these majors, and more.

Jokes include self-drags from people who majored in these things themselves as well as more pointed insults. No major is safe from mockery. The format typically presents a certain major complaining about a homework assignment with an unexpected twist. These tweets poke fun of humanities majors for being overly thoughtful, business majors for being greedy, STEM majors for being nerdy, and more. “Majors be like” memes also joke about hyperbolic and less typical homework assignments such as stealing the Declaration of Independenceย or diagnosing world leaders with mental illnesses.

Some “majors be like” memes are a little too real, pointing to the immense challenges that certain fields seek to address…


A good sign of a meme’s popularity is when Spark Notes jumps in with its own hot take.

We live in a society!ย 

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