The Brief:

Lotta Loot or the #ChuckyCheeseChallenge is a dance to the song "Chucky Cheese" by MadeinTYO that is rising in popularity through TikTok videos. 


A new dance move is proliferating on TikTok. Known as Lotta Loot, #LottaLoot, or the #ChuckyCheeseChallenge, this dance includes a series of moves performed to the song “Chucky Cheese” by MadeinTYO.

This dance has more steps than the floss, the dab, or the woah and not every rendition is exactly the same.

The excerpt from the song featured in these TikTok videos goes as follows:

Fill the room with the juice (Juice), that’s a lotta’ loot (Ooh)
‘Dat bih ‘fye (Woo), yeah she kinda’ cute (Skrr-skrr)