The Brief: Lizzo's AMA's red carpet tiny purse inspired memes from stans, fashionistas, and more.


Tiny purses are in, but Lizzo took the trend to the next level with the itty bitty teeny tiny Valentino bag she brought to the 2019 AMA’s. On the red carpet, not only did Lizzo serve an iconic look, making something tiny into something extra, but she also inspired a versatile meme format. Lizzo tiny purse memes joke about people only having a very small amount of something.

The day after the AMA’s, Lizzo Tweeted a photo of her and the tiny bag with the caption “can someone photoshop the bag big and me small? I’m tryna see something.” Fans, stans, and Photoshop battle experts quickly replied with different artistic interpretations of a tiny Lizzo next to a giant purse.

Many Lizzo tiny purse memes speculate about what might be in Lizzo’s bag, often declaring how little someone cares about something.

A Sagittarius meme:


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A reference to Halsey’s AMA’s bleached eyebrows look:

Tiny purse, tiny desk, what’s next?

Lizzo seems aware of the virality of Lizzo tiny purse memes…

SpongeBob travels the world in drag with a tiny purse:

What is this, a purse for ants?

While purse sizes have a long history of significance in fashion, culture, and society, it seems that Lizzo’s tiny purse will go down in history as a show-stopping accessory and prolific meme generator.