The Brief: A new meme format taken from the claymation series Wallace & Gromit uses the line "let's try another spot" in a variety of ways.


Let’s try another spot

This meme features an image macro of a screenshot from the 1989 short film Wallace & Gromit In A Grand Day Out. In this episode, Wallace and his dog, Gromit visit the moon in a homemade rocket ship.  The moon is made of cheese, so naturally, Wallace and Gromit have a lunar picnic. While holding up a plate of moon cheese, Wallace suggests to Gromit “let’s try another spot,” referring to another spot on the moon. This moment has been transformed into a meme that’s popular on Reddit, specifically on the Dank Memes subreddit. Some variations of the meme edit the text to say something else, usually by covering up or rearranging bits of the original text.

Wallace and Gromit memes. Lots of potential. Fresh, Original, Variable Commodity. Lots of potential. INVEST!!! (template in comments) from r/MemeEconomy

Plenty of other spots to choose from from r/dankmemes

Weed think this is a good idea from r/dankmemes

…—… from r/dankmemes

Zits are our specialty from r/dankmemes

3rd sub from r/dankmemes

A reference to the memed moment when Elon Musk smoked weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast:

It helps me think dude from r/dankmemes

This format has lent itself to some more sexually suggestive and NSFW memes…

Let’s try another spot 🤫 from r/dankmemes

dang, hate when it happens from r/dankmemes