The Brief: Memes of lemons and lemon cars – lemons on wheels – have gone viral on Reddit in the first days of 2019.


In 2018, the year of memes kicked off on Reddit with the now infamous anti-meme: Ugandan Knuckles. This year, in a similar vein, images of lemons on wheels have been circulating on Reddit and beyond. Lemon and lemon car memes are about as nonsensical and random as the moth memes of October 2018.

Lemon Car Memes:

The image most commonly used for this meme is from articles about “lemon cars,” but the joke within the meme is only somewhat related to the concept of a car being a “lemon.” Rather, lemon car jokes are more about how random memes are and how something as uninteresting as a lemon on wheels can take the internet by storm. Some suggest that like lemon cars, this meme is also defective.

Lemon Memes:

Other variations of the meme are not about lemon cars, but just generally about lemons. This is a more general and basic form of the lemon car meme. Lemons are inserted into any situation or joke to make a lemon meme. These memes include jokes about “when life gives you lemons…” lemons vs. limes, and more, utilizing a number of already popular meme formats. Many of these memes are about how absurd it is that people on the internet, particularly on the Dank Memes subreddit can quickly obsess over lemons.

Like most memes, it’s hard to predict whether or not these will be fleeting or lasting, but for now, in the first days of 2019, they are certainly going viral.

Lemon Car from r/dankmemes

You now finally understand the meme, 2019 is rolling in with lemon memes! from r/dankmemes

Lemons, am I right? from r/dankmemes

Me🍋irl from r/me_irl

Sorry but it had to be done from r/dankmemes

[High pitched laughing] from r/dankmemes

It’s time to stop from r/dankmemes

Lemons! from r/dankmemes

LeMon James from r/memes

Its Lime time from r/dankmemes

Redditors against limes from r/dankmemes