The Brief: Lego doctor memes use lego figures to visualize scenes about the realities of modern healthcare and other related subjects.


Lego Doctor Memes

Lego doctor memes depict an exchange between a patient and a doctor in which the doctor is unhelpful and hands the patient a large bill.

The exact origin of this format is unknown, but it features an image of a Lego man with dark hair and a bald Lego doctor who has a mustache. Variations of the meme can be found online from as early as May 2020.

One Lego doctor meme went particularly viral on Twitter June 17, 2020 when user @775AC posted an image macro with the caption “American healthcare be like” where a doctor calls his patient a liar for saying his stomach hurts before billing him $60,000. This tweet received over 593,000 likes and sparked a thread of memes critiquing the American healthcare system.

Aaaaaaaaa from dankmemes

Society be like from dankmemes

Lego Conversation Memes

In addition to making comments about doctors and healthcare, these lego memes can also illustrate other scenes in which two people or entities are at odds with each other.

Incredible value for money. from dankmemes

seems logical to me- from dankmemes

This template can be edited to create a variety of LEGO memes.

LEGO Doctor meme template from MemeTemplatesOfficial