The Brief: The #YouShouldKnow TikTok trend includes mix of life hacks, fun facts, not-so-deep thoughts, and truth bombs.


The #YouShouldKnow TikTok trend encompasses a variety of videos in which users share groundbreaking, goofy, and useful information. According to TikTok’s metrics, videos associated with the hashtag #YouShouldKnow have been viewed over 492 million times. “You Should Know” videos and memes include beauty tips, life hacks, “fake deep” fun facts, shocking information, and blunt reality checks.

One popular soundtrack to these videos is an upbeat tune uploaded by user @realtsfd.

Beauty Tips

MUA’s, beauty gurus, and amateurs have used this trend to share their hot tips on makeup and styling.

Life Hacks

It seems like the internet will never run out of life hacks that #YouShouldKnow.

“Fake Deep” Fun Facts

These “You Should Know” TikTok memes follow in the same vein as the #DeepThoughts TikTok trend, in which people share information that is obvious or extremely random as if it’s a groundbreaking revelation. Even Will Smith, who now has a TikTok, took part in this trend.

Surprising Information

Be warned: the information in these videos is not coming from experts and may not have been fact-checked.

Semi-Devastating Reality Checks

Somewhat similar to the #PepTalk TikTok trend, these videos drag viewers with these targeted wake-up calls.

The #YouShouldKnow TikTok trend is an open-ended hashtag which prompts creators to produce a wide variety of interesting and/or comedic content.