The Brief: Enjoy these Leap Day memes while you can because they only come once every four years.


The earth takes approximately 365 1/4 days to orbit the sun. Because of this, every four years, the Gregorian calendar includes an extra day: February 29th. Celebrate Leap Day 2020 with memes about this extra-special but also quite ordinary day.

It’s Almost Leap Day My Dudes from memes

Yes, time is a construct and Leap Day isn’t actually an ‘extra’ day, but there’s nothing wrong with letting loose during this additional calendar day and extra-long February.

If you’re looking to enjoy some Leap Day-related content, there’s an excellent episode of 30 Rock that not only takes place on Leap Day, but has more hype around the holiday than you’ll ever see IRL.

Leap Day Memes For 2020

At least you get an extra day to pay rent…

For those looking to put the “leap” in Leap Day:

Those born on Leap Day only get to celebrate their birthday every four years, making Leap Years extra special and meaning they hear a lot of jokes about only being one-quarter of their actual age.

This is what happens when Leap Day and your cake day are the same day:

Happy leap day from memes

A mini Keanu Reeves meme:

Leap Day birthday check:

@maddy_wellshelp me find my birthday twin, not many of them out there 🤧 ##foryou ##foryoupage ##leapday♬ leapday bday check – maddy_wells

Happy Leap Day!