The Brief: A Photoshop-based meme suggests that something unexpected is the "leading cause of death."


The original image for this meme is from an infographic published the United Kingdom’s National Health Service titled “Leading Causes Of Death In Perspective.” It displays the leading causes of death in the UK, represented by circles of varying colors and sizes.

In meme versions of this image, “heart circulatory disorders,” the leading cause of death in the UK has been replaced with something else, jokingly suggesting that that thing is extremely deadly. The meme can be a way to make fun of someone or something for being bad or dangerous. This meme is especially popular on Reddit.

A video game reference to characters dying from falls:

Lots of versatility, Invest now! from r/MemeEconomy

As Shaggy Memes are currently popular, there have been multiple Shaggy-related variations:

good ol’ shaggy from r/memes

I wouldn’t try it honestly. from r/memes

Infidels! from r/GarlicBreadMemes