The Brief: Lady Drawer memes riff on a tweet suggesting that heterosexual men create a drawer full of "lady" amenities for when women sleep over.


Lady drawer memes emerged on Twitter after user @DaddyAllDay tweeted “I feel like every guy needs a ‘lady drawer’ if you plan on having frequent guests” along with a photo of a drawer filled with tampons, flushable wipes, makeup remover wipes, a pregnancy test, a hairbrush, two bottles of nail polish remover, scrunchies, and what appears to be a dildo.

There’s nothing wrong with providing amenities for hookups or one-night-stands. However, this man’s take on women’s “essentials” and the impersonal effect of directing an overnight guest to a drawer with used items catered to their gender tickled many Twitter users’ funny bones.

“Lady drawer” memes, responses and riffs included images of drawers full of cooked pasta, a “fella drawer,” a drawer with a puppy in it, and more. The “fella drawer” included a knife, an empty can of Coors Light, a single Q-Tip, a pack of Camel Crush cigarettes, and a near-empty bottle of Dawn dish soap.

Lady Drawer Memes & Reactions

Many lady drawer/fella drawer memes directly mock the original tweet and the items pictured in the “lady drawer.” Others delve into more bizarre takes on what could be included in heteronormative and gender-specific drawers for overnight guests.

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