The Brief: A "Kyle" is a stereotype of a young white man who is a heavy consumer of energy drinks, may engage in unwise shenanigans, and is particularly prone to punching holes in walls.


Just how Karen Took The Kids memes are based on the stereotype of women named Karen, these memes are based on how someone named Kyle might act. Of course, this meme is not an accurate depiction of everyone or even anyone with the name Kyle. Rather, it’s a play on a specific stereotype associated with such a name.


Kyles are usually depicted as young white men who act recklessly and lack the ability to make sensible judgments. These memes often depict them as lovers of energy drinks, the type to punch a hole in a wall in a “berserker rage,” and a leader in the Storm Area 51 meme movement. According to a number of Reddit memes, they will also be quick to defend anyone who dares make a “your mom” joke.


Area 51 Memes

Recently, Kyle memes have entered discourse around the highly-memed ‘plot’ to storm Area 51. Many of these memes imagine how an “army of Kyles” will be among the hundreds of thousands of people who will storm Area 51 on September 20th.

Let it begin lads
by indankmemes

Warriors… All..
byu/cyrusasu indankmemes

Monster Energy Drink

Memes often portray Kyles as heavy drinkers of Monster energy drinks. The consumption of these beverages is said to give them the energy to storm Area 51, punch holes in walls, etc.

And that’s a fact
byu/Maris2000 indankmemes

Punching A Hole In The Wall

Although memes about angry young men punching holes in walls are not limited to Kyles memes, these two stereotypes are often paired together.

Just like the drywall
byu/Manfancy27 indankmemes