The Brief: These memes feature the penguins from the Madagascar movie franchise.


In Madagasgar and its spin-off series, Kowalski is the “smart guy” in a stealthy group of penguins. Oftentimes, the leader of the group, Skipper would look to Kowalski and ask for his analysis by saying “Kowalski, analysis!” or “Kowalski, status report!”

Many memes using Kowalski and his penguin friends as reaction images have been circulating on Reddit.

i am confusion from r/dankmemes

Y O U K N O W I T from r/dankmemes

Kowalski, analysis! from r/dankmemes

They haven’t. from r/dankmemes

Kowalski, do you know what I need? from r/dankmemes

Bask in his Thiccness from r/dankmemes

our heroes from r/dankmemes

When reddit goes down for only a few minutes from r/dankmemes