The Brief: This meme format is used to represent discrepancies between the amounts of attention different people or things receive.


This meme format consists of an image of two kids in a swimming pool, one of whom is being lifted up by a woman, and the other who is struggling to stay afloat, paired with a picture of a skeleton at the bottom of the ocean. These memes typically label the two kids, the woman (who may be their mother), and the skeleton to convey situations in which one person is being celebrated while two others are being neglected.

Reminiscent of the distracted boyfriend format, these memes take the concept of being overlooked a step further by suggesting that one person or thing is so forgotten that they’re drowning while another has become a skeleton at the bottom of the pool/ocean.

A reference to RPAN: Reddit’s streaming network:

Who watches live broadcasts on reddit?!…
byu/JamesReverson indankmemes

Odin really was a jerk
byu/cheesytanker indankmemes

Drowning Pool
byu/stevaas inmemes

An even more expanded version of the meme:

Its long dead and we all know it
byu/EshLad69 inmemes

Use this customizable template to create your own version of this object labeling meme.

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