The Brief: Keanu's recent cameo in Netflix's Always be my Maybe has inspired an entire Twitter account dedicated to memes of the actor walking in slow-mo to music.


The world does not deserve Keanu Reeves, okkurrr? That being said, 2019 marks the year of the Keanu Renaissance and from what we can gather on Twitter, the internet is 100% here for it.

As if his latest box office blockbuster, John Wick 3, wasn’t enough to convince you that Keanu is back with a vengeance, the man also stars as Duke Kaboom in the upcoming Toy Story 4Millennials and Baby Boomers are also counting down the days until 2020’s Bill and Ted Face the Music

His most recent role in Ali Wong and Randall Park’s new Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe has inspired arguably one of summer’s greatest meme moments.

On Friday, after the film’s release, the Twitter account “keanu reeves walking to music” paired Keanu’s swag-filled entrance in the film with all kinds of songs. To date, the account has over 20k followers.

Just as we saw with the Jungkook Dancing to Beyonce memes, it seems like just about any song goes along with Keanu’s strut.  Speaking of BTS

For anyone still thirsty for Billie Eilish “Bad Guy” Memes:

Perhaps the best news is “keanu reeves walking to music” is accepting music requests.