The Brief: Kanye West's meeting with Donald Trump in the oval office inspired various memes.


The friendship between Kanye West and President Trump has raised eyebrows, sparked criticism, and provided internet meme material. Their meeting in the oval office is the most recent event that people have been making memes about, poking fun at Kanye’s iPhone password, making comparisons to Get Out, and bringing back older memes.

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Passcode: 000000

During the oval office meeting, Kanye unlocked his phone to show Trump a picture of a hydrogen airplane that he suggested Apple make for the president. In this process, West inadvertently revealed that his password is the not-so-unique “00000,” which resulted in mockery on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Photoshopped Phone Memes

A photo of ye showing Trump the image on the plane on his phone is the most popular meme to come from this meeting. In some memes, have photoshopped various other things onto the phone screen. In others, they erase the phone entirely, replacing it with other objects.

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Get Out Comparisons

Some memes compare aspects of Kanye and Trump’s relationship to Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror filmย Get Out.ย 

50 Cent

On his Instagram page, rapper 50 Cent posted a cartoon mocking Kanye for his devotion to Trump and for his comment that wearing a MAGA hatย “made me feel like Superman.

Kanye vs. Taylor

After Taylor Swift came out in favor of Democratic congressional candidates, someย people noted how her and Kanye’s political views are somewhat surprising. Their opposing political endorsements also parallels their public feud.

Thank you Kanye, very cool!

After this highly publicized meeting, an older Kanye/Trump meme has resurfaced. In April 2018, Kanye Tweeted about his support for Trump, saying, among other things, “We are both dragon energy.” Trump responded to the Tweet with “Thank you, Kanye, very cool!” After that, jokes were made, and meme versions surfaced, most of which replaced Kanye’s original Tweet with different text and images.

Know Your Meme

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