The Brief: Since Kanye West was not elected in the 2020 United States presidential election, memes joke about his failed run and what things would look like had he won.


After receiving 60,000 votes in the 2020 presidential election, Kanye West has conceded, alluding to a future run in 2024. In the wake of this news, meme-makers are providing some comic relief from the remaining vote-counting with Kanye election results memes.

Many of these memes make fun of Kanye for running in the first place, while others joke about an alternate universe where he did win.

The hell! from dankmemes

He’s a locked character from dankmemes

Some memes imagine what it would look like if Kanye had actually won, using the “Jeb wins” electoral map format.

He is lying from teenagers

I am right, no? from teenagers

What if kanye win usa presidential election? from PoliticalHumor

Although 60,000 isn’t an insignificant number of people, it’s far less than any other candidate got.

We sure hope the Nevada count doesn’t take that long!

Some dry British sarcasm:

Kanye 2024?

After West tweeted a video of himself casting a write-in vote for himself, the egocentrism of him choosing to vote for the first time for himself, and refusing to fill out any other parts of his ballot was not lost on people.

A number of Kanye election results memes speculated about whether or not Kim Kardashian West voted for her husband or not.

This TikTok skit suggests what November 4th might have looked like for the Kardashian-West household:


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