The Brief: As soon as Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris was his vice presidential pick, memes and reactions started emerging online.


On August 11, after much anticipation, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announced that California Senator Kamala Harris would be his running mate in the 2020 presidential election. Online reactions and memes about Kamala Harris as the VP pick illustrate the breadth of feelings that Democrats have about the addition of her name to the Democratic ticket.

Many memes were celebratory, noting the historic moment of Harris being the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office, as well as the first woman of color to be on a major party’s presidential ticket.

Since comedian Maya Rudolph has previously impersonated Harris in SNL skits, many people remarked that this announcement means they’ll likely be seeing a lot more of her on TV.

Mike Pence was an easy target for Kamala Harris VP memes, many of which note how Harris could destroy him in a debate. Others poked fun at Pence’s apparent rule that he won’t dine alone with a woman who isn’t his wife.

The Settle For Biden Instagram account leaned into their lukewarm approach to the campaign, posting an image of Biden and Harris with the text  “she could be worse” and the caption “Joe, you’re not making our job any easier.”

Progressives and leftists who have been demanding that the police be defunded and/or abolished expressed their frustration at Kamala “Top Cop” Harris, also known as Copmala, being named as Biden’s running mate.

Others lamented that Harris is not the progressive candidate they’d hoped for.