The Brief: Kahoot memes convey relatable experiences from playing the popular educational competition game Kahoot.


Teenagers are sharing their Kahoot! victories, frustrations, and life hacks in Kahoot memes.

What Is Kahoot!?

Kahoot! is an educational competitive quiz game. Groups of students can compete simultaneously on separate devices. Educators can customize games and quizzes on Kahoot! to help students prepare for exams and retain information. Games are often played in the classroom where top-scoring students may win rewards or prizes.

Why can I never win from teenagers

Kahoot! Memes

These memes joke about creating massive Kahoot games, the embarrassment that can come with getting an answer wrong, and jealousy harbored towards winners.

While there are many wholesome memes about the thrill of educational competition, there are also many memes about Kahoot-related shenanigans. The most popular of which is creating inappropriate or silly usernames which may be displayed onscreen to an entire class. While many teachers have caught onto this and only allow students to use their actual name as their username, creating semi-NSFW usernames is still a popular game within the game.

Memes about Kahoot! can be found across social media including on Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Gru’s Plan:

Worlds Largest Kahoot failed… from teenagers

Greta Thunberg glaring at Donald Trump: 

The 47th time in a row from teenagers

On overly creative and inappropriate usernames:

true and relatable from teenagers

Epic teachers from teenagers

Me and the boys:

Fortnite bad Kahoot good from teenagers

Wheels on a shopping cart be like: 

I just wanna play kahoot from teenagers

Fancy Winnie The Pooh:

Its feels so good to win Kahoot from teenagers

*hacker voice* from dankmemes

The king of kahoot from dankmemes

Cha cha real smooth: 

The ultimate strategy from kahoot

Me and the bois from teenagers

I’ve let him down from teenagers

Even Kahoot’s official Instagram account posts memes about the game.

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