The Brief: As 2020 is shaping up to be an epically awful year, memes suggest that June may be even more disastrous than preceding months.


June 2020 memes have a pessimistic outlook for the upcoming month. With Australian wildfires, international conflict, a global pandemic, murder hornets, uprisings against police violence, and more, 2020 continues to resemble an apocalypse movie.

In a similar vein to the my plans vs. 2020 memes, these June memes note how this year has been filled with relentless misfortune, difficulty, and tragedy. Although these memes don’t express much hope for the future, they serve as comic relief, which can be an important coping mechanism.

Can’t wait till 2021. from dankmemes

Can’t wait for June from dankmemes

Damn we got a containment breach from dankmemes

Bring it on, June… from dankmemes

AlieNs ConFURmeD IN JuNE from dankmemes

May’s coming and is gonna be an apocalypse soon. Here’s a (nightmare inducing) June meme. from dankmemes

Wishing the best always from memes