The Brief: July 2020 memes joke about how 2020 is on a dramatic downward spiral.


July 2020 memes predict that the upcoming month will be at least as disastrous as the previous six have been. Throughout the year, people have been making the same all-too-real joke: that 2020 keeps getting worse and worse and worse. With a global pandemic, recession, police violence, and the rise of sci-fi-esque dangers like murder hornets and UFO’s, 2020 bingo cards are filling up fast and doomscrolling is up at an unprecedented rate.

In a typical year, July would be time for vacations, amusement parks, barbecues, and pool parties, but this July is shaping up to spent sweating inside, hearing war-like fireworks, and trying to find something good to stream on Netflix. As the events of the year have uprooted many people’s optimistic new year’s resolutions and goals, July 2020 memes about how things could get even worse are one way for people to cope during these difficult times via dark, deeply pessimistic humor.

When reality is starting to look too much like an apocalypse movie:

Nice title bro
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We don’t know what this means, but we are terrified.

July 2020…. Get ready!
byu/pleasedphoenix infunny

Will July 2020 be the month we meet the Loch Ness Monster?

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FFS my birthday is in july
byu/niv9ed inmemes

Everyone was worried about Supervolcanoes in 2012, but maybe they were eight years off in their calculations…

July is going to be better I promise
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July will be better, though. Right? RIGHT?!?
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Oof size large:

What is store for July?
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