The Brief: A new meme format has been born out of a photoshopped image of the Joker and Peter Parker dancing together.


The new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix has received many positive reviews from critics and inspired a new meme format: Joker dancing memes. This format uses an image that was featured in a teaser for the film in which the Joker is dancing on a set of stairs. Joker dancing memes can be used as a celebratory reaction image or a take on the juxtaposition of seeing a dark villain cheerily dancing.

This meme format took off after a Redditor photoshopped Peter Parker next to the Joker to make it look like they’re dancing together. As Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) is a part of the Marvel universe and the Joker is a part of the DC Comics universe, it’s quite unlikely that the two characters would ever dance together in a comic strip or movie.

The Joker Dancing With Peter Parker

A Photoshop mash-up adds an extra layer of spontaneity, absurdity, and humor to this meme format. The image of Peter Parker features actor Tobey Maguire dancing in Spiderman 3 after a type of venom called “the symbiote substance” causes him to act strangely and become what people refer to as “emo spiderman.”

Took some time to find the HD clip of Peter dancing and the original image of The Joker to put this together. Now I shall rest. from memes

the image of them both dancing makes me happy from dankmemes

gRoVin’ from dankmemes

A gamer crying meme:

About time from dankmemes

This Twitter user photoshopped images from 0ver a dozen more iconic dance moments to create an entire Joker dance party: