The Brief: We've selected a sampling of Joe Biden 2020 memes made by supporters to show off his strength as a candidate in fun, creative, and shareable ways.


Biden 2020 Memes: By The Numbers

While memes don’t win elections by themselves, they certainly can play a role in influencing voters. While many pro-Biden posts and memes may not be labeled with these hashtags or included in these groups, here are the stats on a few of the top Joe Biden hashtags, groups, and forums.

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Catch The Joementum

After Biden won 458 delegates on Super Tuesday, supporters have been celebrating his “Joementum” via memes and social media posts.

The REAL squad! ??โ„?

Born in The Office Mecca from bidenbro

The real Captain Planet: Saving the world with carbon pricing and small modular reactors. from Enough_Sanders_Spam

A reference to House Majority Whip and South Carolina Represenntative Jim Clyburn’s endorsement of Biden:

Let’s keep that Joementum going! from JoeBiden

My face when I support Medicaid expansion and more government subsidies to help working families get health insurance and I get called a centrist corporatist shill. from JoeBiden


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Biden Bro Memes

During the Obama presidency, memes depicting Biden and Obama as pals, with Biden portrayed as a silly sidekick were particularly popular. Some Biden supporters have been bringing back these “Biden Bro” memes during the 2020 election to show support for their candidate.

I heard we’re bringing back BidenBro from JoeBiden

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Hello there ๐Ÿ‘€

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No Malarkey

During an Iowa tour in December 2019 in Iowa, Joe Biden rode around in a bus with the phrase “No Malarkey,” which corresponded with a Twitter hashtag #NoMalarkey. Somewhat of a catchphrase for the former vice president, “no malarkey” has been used both in memes that support him and ones that mock him. Here are a few anti-malarkey, pro-Biden memes:

Going into Michigan from PresidentialRaceMemes

I created a Venn Diagram to welcome all the new folks here, hope it helps! from JoeBiden