The Brief: After the FBI executed a search warrant at Jake Paul's mansion, those who aren't fans of the YouTuber shared their joy via memes.


On Wednesday, FBI agents executed a search warrant at Jake Paul’s Calabasas mansion and haters of the internet star revealed their glee online via memes. The details pertaining to the warrant have not been made public, but this hasn’t stopped people from speculating about the reason for this raid. The FBI said that no arrests were made.

In June, Paul was charged for criminal trespass and unlawful assembly for his involvement in looting that occurred at a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, but the charges have since been dismissed. Footage from the FBI raid showed agents seizing what appear to be firearms, including one that was left propped up against a hot tub. Jake Paul has also come under scrutiny for hosting a party at his house that violated health orders about masks, physical distancing, and large gatherings.

Over the years, Jake Paul has made enemies with his neighbors, fellow YouTubers, and much of the general public for his inflammatory behavior. Some people dislike Paul for personal reasons and others are put off by his crass pranks and insolent attitudes. They’re expressing their schadenfreude at seeing the YouTuber’s house raided by federal agents. Jake Paul FBI raid memes mock Paul and suggest that he got what’s coming to him.

For some, their excitement about the raid may have even caused them to question their beliefs about prison and police abolition…

Note: neither Jake Paul nor Shane Dawson is currently incarcerated.

For some, the FBI raid was a bright point in an overall dark year…Jake Paul probably doesn’t feel the same way.

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