The Brief: A Tweet suggesting that Peppa Pig is over seven feet tall has inspired memes about her impressive height.


How tall is Peppa Pig?

While this may be a question many of us never pondered before, the internet has recently latched onto it and won’t let go. “Screenshots”
of a Google search for “peppa pig height” that show the answer as seven feet, one inch has the internet in awe of Peppa Pig (who by the way, is also a pop star).

According to the Peppa Pig fandom Wiki, Peppa’s height is 3 feet, nine inches. And, as she’s a cartoon character, her height arguably dependcs on what size screen she’s displayed on. None of this has stopped Peppa Pig height memes from going viral online.

Peppa Pig Height Memes

The photoshopped image of a google search for Peppa Pig’s surprisingly tall height is at the center of many of these memes. Popular on Twitter and  Reddit, these memes jokingly marvel at Peppa’s size and consider the implications it would have if she existed IRL.

Yo, seriously, what the hell from dankmemes

Puny Hulk from dankmemes

battle of gods from dankmemes

A skill that must be learned from memes