The Brief: Twitter users are making fun of politicians tweeting what they consider to be necessary structures and facilities to operate the US as part of the "Is Infrastructure" memes.


Politicians are using their social media platforms to tout the types of structures and facilities the United States needs to either build or maintain, by tweeting the said need “is infrastructure.” This all comes after President Biden proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure and jobs package on Wednesday, March 31. The bill promises to bolster the American economy and make significant investments domestically, according to USA Today.

The bill plans to tackle transportation infrastructure, housing, underground water infrastructure, as well as broadband extension, investments in manufacturing, and providing access to quality, affordable home or community-based care for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The internet has a way of turning the most well-meaning messages into memes and jokes. Twitter users poked fun at politicians by sharing what they think should be prioritized as infrastructure.

TV shows are a must.

Can’t forget provocative musical artists.

This take is… interesting, for lack of better words.