The Brief: In these TikTok videos, people hold up signs to reveal personal details about themselves.


Introducing Me TikTok videos bring vulnerability and intimacy to social media. In these videos, people hold up signs that give personal information about their lives. The first sign usually reads “things I’ve never told anyone” and the following signs share character traits, anxieties, fears, interests, and past experiences. Some #IntroducingMe videos are intended to be comical parodies, but most of them have elements of serious vulnerability that can be a rare find on social media. In many of these videos, people share both negative and positive things that they’ve experienced, addressing issues including mental health, trauma, and adversity, as well as goals, love, and optimism.

These videos are set to the song “Introducing Me” by Nick Jonas. At the time of writing, the hashtag #introducingme has received over 14 million views.

Although TikTok has features allowing people to add text to their video, most #IntroducingMe videos show people holding handwritten signs, adding an extra personal touch.

While some of these videos may be a bit cheesy or cringey, they also foster an environment of friendship and open dialogue on TikTok. They’re a showcase of the unique experiences that TikTokers have to share and a reminder that even those who usually post comedy and meme videos have personal and serious stories to tell.