The Brief: International Men's Day is a holiday meant to celebrate men. This year, it's inspired a number of memes about the event.


What Is International Men’s Day?

November 19th is International Men’s Day. The purpose of this unofficial holiday is to According to the website, the holiday is “for the purpose of highlighting men’s experiences.”

Some people use International Men’s Day as an opportunity to draw attention to physical and mental health issues that men face such as prostate cancer and high rates of suicide. On this day people also elevate the visibility of trans men and emphasize their validity.

#InternationalMensDay Memes

2019 memes about International Men’s Day celebrate the holiday and often allude to how its mere existence is surprising. While some Men’s Rights Activists lament that it is not a bigger deal, others point out how in a patriarchal society, every day, at least to a certain degree, is International Men’s Day.

It exists!
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A woman flashing Post Malone meme:Β 

Happy International men’s day
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Getting the feels
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It’s international men’s day
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