The Brief: One way people are observing International Men's Day in 2020 is by sharing memes and social media posts about it.


November 19th is International Men’s Day and people are sharing their thoughts and celebrations of the holiday via memes and social media posts. International Men’s Day is an unofficial holiday dedicated to men, their experiences, and the value that they bring to the world.

While men’s rights activists may take the 19th to spread anti-feminist and anti-woman messages, others see International Men’s Day as a time to highlight issues that disproportionately impact men, many of which are related to the ways that patriarchy enforces gender roles and elements of masculinity that can be toxic to people of any gender.

Memes about International men’s Day include comments on how men’s rights activists co-opt it, positive celebrations of healthy masculinity, silly images, and comparisons between International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day.

Some Redditors are expressing their dismay that International Men’s Day isn’t as widely celebrated as International Women’s Day.

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