The Brief: "ight imma head out" SpongeBob SquarePants memes are a popular reaction meme format.


These memes pair a picture of SpongeBob SquarePants getting up from his living room chair while holding a TV remote with the phrase “ight imma head out.” The image is from the SpongeBob episode “The Smoking Peanut” and the phrase is a shortened version of “alright I’m going to head out.” This meme format is a popular way to represent someone or something preparing to make a semi-gracious exit. It is popular across social media on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and beyond.

There’s something quite relatable to many millennials, Gen Z-ers, and people of all ages about the way SpongeBob appears to be lazily getting up from his chair and turning off his TV.

These “ight imma head out” SpongeBob memes are a versatile format that has been used to depict a wide variety of situations.

Ight imma head out
byu/danielyung inmemes

byu/ninjasaf indankmemes

It is the time mom
byu/Dako_01 indankmemes

ight imma head out
by inmemes

From the r/teenagers subreddit:

we’re almost gone bois
byu/somekindofgoth inteenagers

Some iterations of this meme edit the original text to make a more meta-joke deriving from the original format.

i cant feel my spoons
byu/sad_aesthetic indankmemes

Other takes on this meme run with the stoner-vibe that SpongeBob gives off in this image…

Time will tell if this meme format is here to stay or if it too will soon get out of its chair and declare “ight imma head out.”