The Brief: Twitter memes are mocking people who are hesitant to take a Coronavirus vaccine, even though they've previously put far-worse things in their bodies.


“If you…don’t worry about the vaccine” memes make fun of people who say they aren’t sure about taking a COVID-19 vaccine but haven’t exactly treated their bodies like temples in the past. As vaccines are being approved and distributed around the world, some people are expressing hesitation about taking a vaccine that is so new. While health experts evaluate the safety of these vaccines, many non-experts are weighing in as well.

Some Twitter users are suggesting out that people who are willing to take drugs, eat fast food, and binge drink should probably be willing to take an approved vaccine as well. Memes that call people out for potentially unsanitary behaviors note that it would be somewhat hypocritical for someone who has, say, regularly consumed Four Loko, to question the safety of an FDA-approved vaccine.

These variations of “if you…don’t worry about the vaccine” memes center around people’s dietary habits:


Other memes compare the vaccine to drug and alcohol consumption:

People are known to engage in questionable activities at concerts and events, which they could resume once the vaccine is widely distributed and the spread of the disease is under control.

These tweets call people out for the sex acts they’ve participated in:

Other memes note how unsanitary public bathrooms can be:

People from around the world are tweeting references to their local hangouts and how the vaccine must be at least as safe as patronizing certain all-you-can-eat buffets, playing in a splash pad at a local park, etc.