The Brief: These image macros feature a selfie of a black male with raised eyebrows making a ridiculous confession.


“I may not show it” memes are image macros that feature a selfie of a young black male with raised eyebrows making a random confession. The original photo was first posted to Facebook in 2015 and was later used in news reports after a video of a white woman trying to prevent the poster from entering his own apartment went viral in 2018.

Nearly a year after the video, memes using the image began spreading through Reddit and other social media:

It really that like be sometimes
byu/tylermoberly1990 inokbuddyretard

It really do be like that sometimes:

I don’t know how reddit works but here’s an Arin meme I made
byu/itisfridaymydudes ingamegrumps

Real sad boy hours:

smoked the rest of my weed not very high feeling sad awake at 3am on thanksgiving day what am I doing
byu/Southside1D inteenagersnew


Please say sike right now:

ngl 😔😔😔👌👌👌👌👌👌
byu/itismegege inteenagersnew

Deep-fried, extra crispy:

Minecraft is a dangerous game:

the real understand 💯
byu/Wiildman8 inokbuddyretard

It all went downhill after Click TBH


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seeing @uncutgems tonight folks

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