The Brief: TikTokers are proving that they can find the Polish flag in any picture in videos set to the song "I Love Poland."


Videos set to the song “I Love Poland” on TikTok show that with a little photo editing, the Polish flag can be found in any picture. The Polish flag consists of two horizontal stripes. The top one is white and the bottom one is red. In these videos, creators are cropping sections of pictures and editing the color effects to transform them into Polish flags.

These TikTok videos are typically set to a remix of the song “I Love Poland” by Hazel. The lyrics included in the clips go:

I love Poland – Why?
I love Poland – Shut up!
I love driving by my car
And the road its not so far.
Berlin, London, Moscow too
It’s my love I tell you true.
When I came to Poland,
I saw my car was stolen.
It was my favourite truck,
I said f**king kurwa mać!

There are several accounts dedicated to this premise with names like @poland___is___everywhere, @master_poland, and @nothing.but.poland. These accounts often take user requests to turn unrelated images, emoji, and flags into the Polish flag with their smartphone editing magic.


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♬ I love Poland(remix) – Hazel

Another popular iteration of this Polish flag TikTok trend starts with a clickbait Snapchat picture that someone then edits into the Polish flag.


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At the time of writing, over 67,000 videos have been made with this sound, and videos associated with the hashtag #EverythingIsPoland have been viewed over 12.4 million times.


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♬ I love Poland(remix) – Hazel


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♬ I love Poland(remix) – Hazel


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