The Brief: "I know a spot" Twitter memes follow the script "X be like I know a spot and take you to Y."


On Twitter, “I know a spot” memes reference someone trying to impress a date by taking them to a cool spot to poke fun at dating habits, quirks, stereotypes, and more via puns, wordplay, and general jokes. The meme format fills in the blanks of: “X be like I know a spot and take you to Y.”

According to Know Your Meme, this format started with a tweet by @imanekwan that went “guys be like ‘i know a spot’ and then take u to burnaby mountain,” which references a popular hiking spot in British Columbia. From there, variations on the format took off, spreading to brand Twitter, anime Twitter, astrology Twitter, and pretty much every other internet subculture or community.

Different iterations of the format riff on pop culture references, celebrity behavior, song quotes, science, politics, literature, and more, demonstrating how easily adaptable the script is to a wide variety of situations.

“I know a spot” memes are reminiscent of “what if we kissed” memes in that they may suggest non-traditional date sites. In addition to Twitter, they’re now popular on Instagram and elsewhere.

Sean Kingston knows a spot and will Take You There

COD’s official Twitter got in on the fun:

A too-real #Lockdown meme:

A great meme for transit-oriented teens:

On abolition:

Out, out damned spot!