The Brief: People have been making videos of them flipping a light switch. When they turn the lights back on, something dramatic has changed about them or their surroundings.


This TikTok meme is based on the line in Drake‘s “Nonstop:”

“Look, I just flipped the switch
I don’t know nobody else that’s doin’ this.”

These short video memes typically feature someone filming themselves in front of their bathroom sinks. While the beat from “Nonstop” plays, they usually turn on their water faucet and then turn it back off, sometimes putting their hand under the water. Then, they switch off the lights as Drake sings “I just flipped the switch.” When they turn the lights back on, something surprising appears that wasn’t there before. These switch-ups include goofy costume changes, more people being in the room, and silly dances.

One viral video shows someone flipping over their Nintendo Switch.