The Brief: This image macro meme made popular on Reddit uses a screenshot from The Big Bang Theory to explain reasons why someone might stay up past their bedtime.


In one of the latest meme trends sweeping the Dank Memes Subreddit, people are using a screenshot from CBS’ The Big Bang Theory to help explain why they stay up at night.

Most versions of this image macro format begin with “When it’s 3 a.m.,” followed by a discovery of something distracting. In most cases, the “something” is a YouTube video. The meme’s punchline comes from a line of dialogue spoken by scientist Sheldon Cooper in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. In the episode, Sheldon refuses to go to be until he solves an equation, excusing his behavior with the line, “I don’t need sleep. I need answers.”

Please someone tell me
byu/Cheezieee indankmemes

I hate when that happens
byu/LigManutzboi69 indankmemes

In some iterations, a screenshot or GIF is used to visually show why someone might need more answers, instead of sleep.

3am youtube is mad interesting dawg
byu/SarahWasAlone indankmemes

Beto O’Rourke could’ve brushed up on his Spanish with this Toy Story meme:

Top 10 questions science still can’t answer
byu/ShadowPrince47 indankmemes

In other variations of the meme, meme-makers have altered the line, “I don’t need sleep. I need answers.”

I don’t know about sleep, its summertime
byu/IcyGang16 indankmemes

true story btw
by indankmemes

This one’s for all the Spider-Man: Far from Home stans:

You looking for me?
byu/Tylermarchioni indankmemes

Here is the original template:

I don’t need sleep. I need answers (single immage)
byu/LibaneseCasaFabri inMemeTemplatesOfficial