The Brief: This meme format features a comic by Shen Comix of a small guy asking a buff guy for his workout routine, which consists of doing one pushup whenever a particular thing happens.


A comic posted to Reddit by Shen Comix is spreading across the site via memes about someone getting swole from doing one push up every time something specific happens.

According to Know Your Meme, Shen Comix first posted the comic on the r/comics subreddit on July 6, 2020. The original version shows the weak-looking character asking the buff character, who is labeled as “my readers,” “Wow! How did you get like that?” The buff guy answers: “every time I’m horny…I do one push-up.” The smaller guy responds with “Jesus Christ.”

That’s him officer. from comics

In the hours after Shen Comix posted this image, it went viral across Reddit. The format is particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit. Meme-makers alter the original comic to suggest that certain things occur so often that if someone were to do one push up every time they occur, they’d become extremely muscular.

Neckbeards could be getting fit from dankmemes

Some Redditors have switched the panels of the comic so that the smaller guy is telling the buff guy his workout routine. These memes suggest that something occurs so infrequently that he almost never does any push-ups.

I dont like how I look from dankmemes

Other edits, including additions from other Shen Comix, have been made to the original comic to add a variety of meanings.

Crossover meme from dankmemes

Single but happy from dankmemes