The Brief: "I am speed" is a quote from Lightning McQueen in the movie Cars used to depict funny situations in which things are done unnaturally fast.


These memes and image macros feature a captioned still of Lightning McQueen, a character from the Cars film franchise, in which he says “I am speed” to hype himself up during a race.

i am SPEED
by inmemes

just added car meme to an old joke
by indankmemes

Need the speed
byu/ABenevolent-Overlord inmemes

A Minecraft survival tip for the fastest of typists:

Fear 100
byu/KadraY_ indankmemes

In some versions, the text is edited depending on the context:

I am speed
byu/n9Ness inmemes

i came
byu/jeIbest indankmemes

Other variations of this meme don’t include Lightning McQueen and instead showcase the speed with which people can complete nonsensical acts:

i speedrun deodorant
byu/gawneeek indankmemes

Dr doof can eat a tub of conditioner in seconds
by indankmemes

I am speed
byu/mememan___ inmemes

Memes with similar concepts feature Kyles, Spooktober, Joker, and school shootings:

I am speed
byu/yeetking420 indankmemes

I am speed
byu/TheMexicanJoker inmemes

I am speed
byu/Yabirs inmemes

They am speed
byu/Monnos_ indankmemes

I am speed
byu/Neo2403 indankmemes