The Brief: "How are you not dead?/I Have no idea!" memes reference a clip in the revised Sonic The Hedgehog trailer.


“How are you not dead” Sonic memes are one of several popular image macro memes formats to come from the latest Sonic The Hedgehog live-action trailer. After fans decried the first iteration of the trailer, citing the animation of Sonic as creepy and offputting, Paramount Pictures delayed the release date of the film, revamping Sonic’s design. The new trailer for the film, which is now set to be released in February 2020, includes a scene in which Sonic’s newfound companion Sheriff Tom Wachowski, played by James Marsten, asks Sonic: “How are you not dead?!” Sonic, who has just survived an intense car chase slash fight, dances around the road and responds with “I have no idea!”

‘How Are You Not Dead’ Sonic Memes

These memes take this exchange and apply it to a variety of scenarios, including ones involving actual death and jokes about meme formats and video games being “dead.”

Ra- Ra- Rasputin from dankmemes

I can hear colours though from dankmemes

I’m gonna see the movie. from SonicTheHedgehog

Is that all you got?! from SonicTheHedgehog

On the lingering popularity of the Woman Yelling At The Cat meme format:

Ur welcome from teenagers

The Drake yes/no meme format is over four years old…

It’s immortal from dankmemes

Apparently the Nintendo Wii is still a thing…

I still play it!!! from memes

Here Wii are in the future and it right from dankmemes

Watch the trailer for the full context of “How are you not dead” Sonic memes:

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