The Brief: Astrology is trending amongst Millennials and Gen Zers and March 20th - April 20th marks "Aries Season". We've collected the funniest (and most accurate) memes to describe the fiercely independent Aries.


Astrology, or the “study of the influence that distant cosmic objects have on human lives,” has recently exploded in popularity amongst Millennials and Gen Zers who are looking to the stars for all sorts of guidance.

The practice of modern astrology originally came about in the 1960s and 70s, also known as the “Age of Aquarius.” Today, younger generations are turning to astrology in times of stress.

Astrology gives people the opportunity to help explain the unexplainable and make sense of the random events in our lives. With the resurgence of astrology, meme-makers have run rampant with hilarious images and captions roasting the various signs.

March 20th to April 20th marks “Aries Season” and both astrology believers and haters have already begun throwing shade at the Ram.

Aries’ confident-borderline-arrogant attitude tends to rub people the wrong way.

This fire sign loves the spotlight. They thrive on ample amounts of recognition and attention, and tend to get salty when they don’t get enough.

Because of their resounding confidence and impatience, Aries can come across as intimidating AF. When it comes to the workplace, they tend to struggle when it comes to taking orders, but thrive in leadership roles.

Aries are courageous, determined, and optimistic people. They always seem to be focused on “the next steps” or a new project and have trouble chilling at home.

With independence comes stubbornness. Aries have trouble accepting help from others, and even more so, asking for it. Don’t even get them started on apologizing for their mistakes…

An Aries’ biggest weaknesses are impatience and impulsivity. Anybody with Aries for friends can attest to their, shall we say, “short fused” temper?

They do not respond well to criticism or failure, and when it comes to a “friendly competition”… forget about it.

That being said, when it comes to personal relationships, Aries are extremely passionate about their friends. They’ve been known to shower their loved ones with gifts and they excel at planning memorable group outings.

Many people use astrology as a way of determining whether or not they are romantically compatible with another person. Though it may have started as a bad pick-up line, “What’s your sign?” has become an integral question asked early on in the dating process. Millennials don’t want to get boo’d up with an incompatible water sign.

As with most other things, when it comes to dating and relationships, Aries like to dive into the deep end, sometimes a bit too impulsively.

Their outgoing, passionate nature will always keep things interesting, so long as someone has the patience to put up with them…