The Brief:

A variation of The Woah, a dance move invented in 2017, is going viral on TikTok.


The Woah Dance Move

The Woah, also known as “Hit My Woah” or “Hit The Woah” usually involves some combination of lock and bounce moves with arm motions at front and center.

The Woah is a dance move that originated in Texas in 2017. There is some debate around the exact origins and creator of the move. High-profile rappers including Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, and Travis Scott have all incorporated The Woah into online and onstage performances.

The soundtrack to this move is often either “Hit My Woah,” by A-1 SteakSauce, Lyric Melody, and Big Duece, or “The Woah” by Tspeed x 5upamanhoe. Early appearances of The Woah dance move online include a video of students at Prarie View A&M in Texas and an instructional video by DJ Dangerous.

On TikTok

The Whoa has recently spread to TikTok where variations of the dance move are performed to music. This video style has become an internet meme with over 70 million views under the hashtag #hitthewoah.

The most current rendition of The Woah on TikTok involves someone doing a stripped down version of the move while going about their daily routine. In these videos, people sometimes act annoyed as if they can’t help but involuntarily do The Woah. These videos, which are set to a clip from “Skateboard p” by Elijah Who include a freeze-like motion done with both arms whenever a chord plays.